Adult Day Care – Services and Facilities For the Elderly

Centers for adult day care focus on providing elder care and companionship for senior citizens who require monitoring or assistance during the day. This can help family members or others caring for the elderly to be able to go to work, run errands, or have some personal time with the assurance that the senior citizen is being cared for and is safe. This program aims to delay or prevent the necessity of moving to a nursing home by offering alternative care, enhancing self-esteem, and setting up opportunities for socialization.Types of Adult Care FacilitiesTwo types of day care exist. One type is called adult social day care, and it offers senior citizens social activities, meals, recreation, and some health-related care. The other is called adult health day care, and it offers elder care with more specialized health, therapeutic, and social services for senior citizens with severe medical disorders and disabilities and those more prone to requiring care in a nursing home.Senior citizens who take part in these programs usually do so on a scheduled basis. Following is a list of some services offered in adult care centers:

Evening care
Health screening
Medical care
Physical therapy
Respite care
Medical management Adult day care centers are generally open during normal business hours. They may stand alone or be a branch of senior centers, nursing homes, home health care agencies, religious institutions, hospitals, or schools. Those providing the elder care may monitor medications, provide meals and snacks, perform therapy, set up social activities, and organize transportation to and from the center.Is Adult Day Care the Right Choice for Our Family?If you are wondering whether you or a family member can benefit from adult day care, the following case study might answer some of your questions. Paul is a 69-year-old man who has had a stroke. He moves in with his son, David, and daughter-in-law, Kira, for supervision and support, but since they both work, Paul needs a different type of care during the day. Their solution is for Kira to take Paul to an adult day care center in the morning and for David to pick him up after work. The center is able to monitor Paul’s medications and provides lunch, some physical therapy, and social activities with other senior citizens while David and Kira are at work.Adult Day Care Facilities: Choosing the Right FacilityWhen searching for the right adult day care center for you or your loved one, it’s important to note that there may be vast differences among centers, so you may want to find out about each center near you. Visiting the centers and talking those providing the elder care and other families who take part in this program may help you determine whether a certain facility meets your needs.Another important factor to consider is cost, which can range from $25 to $100 per day depending on factors like which services are included, where the center is located, and the type of reimbursement. These costs are generally not covered by Medicare, but some financial assistance may be available through federal or state programs such as Medicaid, the Older Americans Act, and the Veterans Administration.Contacting your local aging information and assistance provider or area agency on aging can provide you with listings and information of specific centers located near you. The Eldercare Locator ( can help you connect to these agencies. This is also a helpful website to peruse if you’re considering assistive technology as an option. Some area agencies can assist senior citizens and those involved in their elder care with finding and buying low-cost assistive technology, as can local civic groups, religious and veterans’ organizations, and senior centers.If you’re looking for general information about adult day care and its programs, the National Adult Day Services Association can link you to a state adult day care association. You can reach this service at

How to Build a Fashionable and Functional Wardrobe

Baltimore’s dress code for Fall ’09 will be causal, chic and economically friendly. Shop smart and see how the right pieces will build a season long wardrobe. Layering is the secret to accomplishing various looks this season. At the top of the list are a masculine blazer, stylish scarf, metallics, layering and denim. Each category offers variations; pick styles that work best in your daily life. If you are not sure what style are best suited for you figure then ask for help from a Baltimore image consultant or Baltimore fashion consultant,Ladies the masculine blazer is a fun way to spice up a tiresome outfit. The blazer can be paired with, skinny jeans, sheath dress or shorts with leggings for a really 80’s throwback. This boxy blazer was on every runway from Blumarine to 3.1 Phillip. Some designers add feminine touches, while others took masculinity to a whole other level. Showing the blazer with torn boyfriend jeans and a loose fitting top so feel free to mix and match. Both remarkable looks can be worn through out the season. When shopping opt for a black or navy blazer which will just increase number of look one can achieve with such garment. If you have difficulty locating stores that carry your size, hire a Baltimore personal shopper to help you navigate through a plentiful array of shopping possibilities.Spice up any outfit with a trendy scarf. Target always has an excellent selection of scarves at unbelievable prices. It’s accessories that can make or break an outfit so options are always good, spend wisely and stock up. This season when shopping for accessories be sure to pick up a few metallic pieces. Look for long necklaces, oversize cocktail rings and vintage inspired brooches. Pick tones that best fits your skin tone, cool tones opt for silver or slate, while warm tones works best with gold or bronze. This season hats are more than just the solution to a bad hair day. From the fedora, cloche hat, beret to military inspired hats they are all in style this season.Fall weather in Baltimore can be tricky; one day its 72 degrees and the next its 55 degrees. Layering is always a must and this season it’s fashionable. The masculine blazer, scarves and accessories will all come into play when creating this look. For East Coaster’s look to the West Coast for layering inspiration, mild nights in Hollywood craft hot new layering trends. This season it’s plaid, from tops, skirts, dresses, tights, headbands even shoes. Three to four plaid pieces will do opt for at least one button up, which can be paired with skinny jeans, vintage tee, masculine blazer and scarf the perfect casual outfit for any day of the week. A good way to add a small splash of plaid to an outfit is with a hat or headband. Styling outfits can be tricky. With the help of Baltimore personal stylist; you can learn how to accessorize in complimenting ways that flatter your outfit and shape!Denim has always been a staple in Baltimore fashion, but this season there are many options. Motocross, skinny, cigarette, high waisted, torn and denim leggings are all on the fashion radar. Women remember to shop for jeans that flatter the body not everyone is a Heidi Klum. Therefore what looks good on a celebrity just may not work for you. Shop for denim that fits the shape of your body not the body of a runway model. Wearing jeans or any clothes for that matter, with the proper fit will create a breathtaking image. You should always dress for your body type. A Baltimore Image Consultant help teach individuals about their body structure and what styles are best suited for them.Gentlemen layering, monotone colors, denim and rough edges will create the dress code to follow for Fall 2009. Layering is something that all men have mastered over the years. In order to complete this look in a fashionable manner try incorporating plaids, vests and sweater vests in the mix. Nobody does layering better then Justin Timberlake so take a few ques for him even try his line William Rast. Not only will you find Justin’s layering to be perfectly styled by rough edges are used through out the Fall 2009 collection. Sometimes men should need an extra push to step outside of their comfort box when it comes to Baltimore Fashion. A Baltimore Image Consultant helps men dress style outfits and select garments that are updated and not outdated!Monotone earth tones were on every runway for menswear 2009. This look can be a little humdrum so be sure to add personal flare, such as a fedora, scarf or necklace. The basic concept for this trend is to pick a color and create an outfit using various shades of the selected color, what could be easier.Denim is here to stay in Baltimore so don’t hesitate shell out a little extra cash for a designer pair of jeans. Labels like Seven for All Man Kind and G-Star are creating looser styles with intense abrading and vintage washes which will quickly eliminate the skinny jean look of the past few years. Men you will no longer be wearing your girlfriends jeans. Baltimore has a casual dress code, so you don’t want to seem like you are trying too hard! Your Fall fashion choices should be unique and stylish. A Baltimore Fashion Consultant can help you update your look and style for a fashionable fall wardrobe!

Make a Furry Fashion Statement With Your Dog Clothes and Accessories

When we talk about keeping up with the latest trends of small dog clothes fashion and the hottest in the choices of dog accessories, we should not veer away from the fact that we provide these to our “best friend” for a specific practical purpose. With this in mind, you should not encounter any problem in looking for the best tiny dog clothes and accessories as we have a lot of options that can last a lifetime – your dog’s, that is! Going online is still the best option for its convenience and savings you get.Whether you are looking for a specific design or style of attire, or just want to expand the existing wardrobe of your pet, you will definitely get your best pick as long as you know of the right places to look for them. If it is winter garments you are looking to ensure that your teacup dog is warm during the cold months, then you will have a wide array of choices online. On other hand, you can also purchase online an array of puppy shirts and assorted button downs for your 4 legged friend as you prepare to enjoy the coming summer season.You have a very long list of choices in terms of style, color, size and design. Once you are able to find the right sources of small dog clothes and accessories, you will be able to get the perfect pick in terms of functionality and aesthetic value. In fact, the difficult part is not in looking for sources of good quality garments and trimmings for your animal but picking out the best choice from an endless array of assorted attire and frills.For every owner, his pooch will always be the cutest. However, in order to bolster that image and convince others, you really have to do some extra chore in giving your puppy the appropriate dress and trimmings. This is where your judgment comes into play. You must always consider that every choice of your small dog apparel blends with the personality and image of your little friend. Nothing can beat the feeling of a proud owner watching as his trendy dog takes on the cat walk, or “dog walk” if you may, during a local dog show. Owners who want their pooch to come out as fashion trendsetters are serious at getting the best and latest small dog garments and accessories. Some owners are quite serious about it that sometimes price is seen as inconsequential. However, it would still be a better option if you can get the best deals from your source of trendy clothes and other supplies.You can keep your animal in the latest trends in fashion and you don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune. The online outlets of trendy small dog clothes and accessories are your best option as they offer a wide array of selection at the best possible price and deals. The best part of all is that you and your dog will definitely enjoy the attention that your best friend will get being the trendiest four legged treasure.